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Training for Mass: Second Edition

Training for Mass, Second Edition is now available.

Praise for the First Edition

...gives the reader a comprehensive and informative look at how bodybuilding should be performed: in a high intensity manner. Training for Mass provides the best rationale ever published as to why this is true.

-David Robson,
Staff Writer, Bodybuilding.com
Co-author, Heart of Steel: The Dan Lurie Story

...stands in a class by itself... Written in clear prose with logical explanations, this is an essential book for the thinking bodybuilder.

-Timothy Shanahan, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Loyola Marymount University
Author, The Evolution of Darwinism

...boldly steps out on its own, with confidence and intelligence, and provides you with an essential, must own, bodybuilding classic.

-Steve Shaw
Staff writer, Muscleandbrawn.com

...this book opened my eyes and made me think. What a difference! Training is fun again and it takes far less time. I'm getting stronger again...each week.

-Warren Moore, DC

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